Pioneering Education

Our holistic and innovative concept promotes students’ individual strengths, gives courage for personal development and makes fit for the digital future. formatio Private School is a state-approved school with full public rights. We have been offering prime education for primary, secondary and upper-secondary levels since 1995. Our pioneering school concept has been awarded the European Language Label by the European Commission.

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School levels of the formatio private school

Primary School

Creative, imaginative, explorative, curious, responsible, independent and (media)-literate: we encourage our students to be all that. We offer bilingual and cross-curricular teaching and use digital media sensibly in our classroom. Our daily project afternoons enable students to be guided by their personal interests.

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School levels of the formatio private school

Secondary School

We give students plenty of room to discover their personality and develop their talents. Our differentiated educational program promotes learning in four core areas: personal & individual, plurilingual & language sensitive, digital & connected and collaborative & cooperative. This ensures the best basis for attending an upper secondary school or pursuing vocational training.

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School levels of the formatio private school

Upper Secondary School

Our Upper Secondary School offers more than just an internationally renowned Matura. Students are optimally prepared for an academic career in the global world by focusing on the core areas character development, plurilingualism, digital media & digitization and connectivity & connectedness.

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formatio Privatschule – Illustration draw-together