Internationality and International Network

Based in the Rhine Valley region with an international orientation, we offer an educational concept for the global world.

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We live and love digital work - but don't forget about the world that surrounds us.

We are proud of our participation in international programs and our international network of strong partners.


For more than 15 years, formatio Privat School has successfully participated in the European Union’s ERASMUS+ program. Five exchange projects for pupils have already been carried out together with our partner schools in Spain, Sweden and Germany.

The international exchange is absolutely enriching for our students. Meeting young people from other countries and working together on a project allows the students to grow in many ways.
Adele Schädler, Erasmus+ Coordinator

“Don’t worry? – Be happy!”

Project from 2018 – 2020

The project focuses on the development of life skills: The students examine different cultural concepts of happiness. The pupils then work on what life skills are important for a successful life. They focus on skills such as critical thinking, an optimistic attitude towards life, gratitude and courage.

Successfully completed projects

“We are not so different”

Interculturality in the European Union

“Success for everyone”

Finding, fostering and promoting personal strengths

“Maths matters”

Mathematics as a connected subject with other subjects in school


Commitment, fairness and attentiveness in everyday school life

“We are not so different”

Interculturality in the European Union

As a school committed to innovation, we are particularly proud to be a partner of, an initiative promoting digital transformation across various sectors. Eva Meirer, head of formatio Private School, was appointed to the platform’s board in 2019, where she represents education for the age of digitization. In the past two years, we have also been active as partners on Digital Day: In 2018, about 1000 visitors were able to experience our classroom of the future, and in 2019, we invited to a “Tell Event” to discuss education and digitation with the general public.

Network of Austrian Schools Abroad

As an Austrian school abroad, the Oberstufengymnasium is part of a network with schools from Istanbul to Guatemala. We benefit from the exchange reaching from (digital) teaching projects and the possibility of mutual visits for benchmarking.


Being a partner organization in Schulnetz21, the Swiss network of health-promoting and sustainable schools, helps us to focus on forward-looking concepts in the area of Education for Sustainable Development and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

Practice School

As a practice school, we regularly supervise teacher training students of all levels at formatio private school. We are pleased to welcome students from various universities in Switzerland.




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