I find the greatest pleasure in the personal development of our students. These success stories simply make me happy!
Helma Ritter, Delegate of the Board


left to right: Peter Jirak, Helma Ritter, Peter Ritter, Horst Biedermann

Dr. Peter Ritter: Princely Council of Justice, President of the Board and founding member of the formatio Private School.

Helma Ritter: Delegate of the Board, founding member of the formatio Private School and its managing director from 1995 – 2008.

Prof. Dr. Horst Biedermann is Rector of the University of Education St. Gallen. He is university professor for school pedagogy, school research and school practice. His research and work focuses on teacher education, school and classroom research, comparative performance and competence measurement, and political education.

Mag. Peter Jirak is head of the Campus Augustinum in Graz and member of the university council of the ecclesiastical university of education in Graz. From 2013 to 2016 he was a member of the management board and pedagogical director of the formatio Private School.

Twenty-five years ago my wife and I decided to provide a private day school for parents and students.
formatio Privatschule – Illustration

The primary goal of this educational institution was to relieve children and parents from school stress as much as possible. A further aim was to provide personal care for the children entrusted to the institution in order to promote their personal interests and abilities in the best possible way. The promotion of linguistic expression, also in foreign languages, which is the basis of human culture and integration, was and is a further goal of the formatio private school, to which the school is committed. These efforts have also been recognised internationally. Running the school as a day school should also meet the needs of parents, especially when both parents can only devote themselves to their children to a limited extent for professional reasons.

We are pleased to note that the teachers of formatio private school, under the leadership of the management team, are able to successfully meet our objectives for the students.

Dr. Peter Ritter
President of the Board




formatio Privatschule – Illustration draw-together