Pedagogy & Principles

We may be small, but we do great things.

We place great value on individual and personal education. Our classes therefore have around 15 students each. As an all-day school we experience our students in different settings and can therefore optimally support and challenge them in all their strengths.

We are particularly proud of our pioneering innovation in the field of education and digitation. We have been awarded the European Language Label by the European Commission for our school development in 2019. In order to prepare our students in the best possible way for life in the 21st century, we focus on these four core areas in our integrated school concept from primary school to the Matura:

Character Development Plurilingualism Digital Media and Digitation Connectivity and Connectedness

formatio Privatschule – Illustration rubiks-cube
Personal and digital learning in the Upper Secondary School's campus.

Character Development

“Strengthen your strengths” is formatio Private School’s the founding idea. Modern Positive Psychology confirms this pedagogical guiding principle by assuming that every person has five to seven character strengths that distinguishes their individuality. We use various concepts and tools derived from Positive Psychology to specifically promote abilities, talents and potentials of our students.

Change is the only constant factor in the future world of work. It is therefore all the more important to know one’s personal strengths and to develop individual talents. This puts personal development at the heart of our future-oriented school concept. Learners become aware of their potential and can later act proactively on an increasingly dynamic job market.

Multilingualism is the goal for and necessary requirement of education!
Prof. Hans-Jürgen Krumm, expert for multilingualism in educational contexts
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Plurilingualism is not just about learning more languages. The plurilingual principle includes language-sensitive and bilingual teaching as well as the promotion of cross-lingual learning and thus connected and complex thinking. This ensures that learners are enabled to cope with a complex, connected and global world.

Through many years of experience, we have learned when and how digital media can be used effectively in the classroom to promote learning.
Maria Fasel, B. A.Ed MAS, Head of Digital Infrastructure and Media Education

Digital media and Digitation

As Liechtenstein’s pioneer in digitation and education, formatio Private School has been a successful 1:1 iPad school since 2012. However, living in a digital world also means being able to understand and critically reflect this world. Therefore, our students learn how to assess and classify information as well as they are given the chance to think about digitation.

Connectivity and Connectedness

Communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity.
These four Cs mark the core skills for the 21st century. Our formatio learning zones allow different communication settings, learning in table groups and during the (digital) campus requires collaboration in everyday school life. The numerous projects invite learners of all ages to think creatively and critically.




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