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The Upper Secondary School prepares for the 21st century. Our school concept has been certified by the European Union and is scientifically studied by the University of Darmstadt.

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Mag. Günther Kaiser, Deputy Head of Upper Secondary School

Welcome to the Upper Secondary School of formatio Private School!

The upper secondary school of the formatio private school is one of the 8 official Austrian schools abroad and ends with the Austrian school-leaving examination. Our school is characterized by a competence-oriented pedagogy, the strengthening of personality and the intensive pursuit of our concept of plurilingualism. We strengthen strengths and motivate our students to work independently and proactively. The innovative concept of the upper secondary school was awarded the European Language Seal by the European Commission and is scientifically supported by the University of Darmstadt.

In our four core areas of Character development, Plurilingualism, Digital media and digitalisation and Connectivity and connectedness, we provide optimal preparation for the global and digital world by offering a broad, differentiated range of subjects. Thereby, we also focus on careful preparation for the Matura and academic competence building for university studies. As an Austrian international school, we are part of an international network and offer the globally recognized standardized school-leaving certificate as a final examination.

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