Character Development

“Strengthening strengths” is an old motto of formatio Private School.

We use various concepts and tools from the field of Positive Psychology to specifically promote our students’ abilities, talents and potentials.

It is important that young people can discover their own strengths and interests - thanks to the subject Personal Development, they can do just that.
Thomas Mündle, subject coordinator of Personal Development and expert in Positive Psychology

Subject "Personal Challenge"

In the subject “Personal Challenge”, each student in the first and second grade is given the opportunity to select a personal challenge and then devote several months to this project. We deliberately give students the freedom to pursue and realize projects outside the school building. Each student is also assigned a coach, a teacher who acts as a personal advisor and accompanies the project to ensure that it is a success in the end.

Subject "Academic Challenge"

The Academic Challenge accompanies our students in the third and fourth grade. A pre-scientific paper is required as part of the standardized Matura. The students receive the necessary tools for this academic project in a dedicated subject. They then independently research a scientific question of their own choice and present their findings in a paper.

Happiness as a school subject

We offer the two-hour subject “Happiness” in the Matura class, where the young adults are encouraged to take an in-depth look at their own personality and reflect on all those things that make life worth living.

the WEEK

The students can voluntarily follow a local or global project that they have chosen and organised themselves. In order to meet our high standards, a successful WEEK can range from social to plurilingual to sustainable and digital project.

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It is always a pleasure to see how the students grow in their personal challenges - and I feel it is a privilege to be able to accompany them in this process.
Julia Wagner, mentor in the subject "Personal Challenge"




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