We are a multilingual school and offer four foreign languages. We also see family languages as a valuable resource.

However, it is not just a matter of simply learning more languages. We also focus on multilingual, cross-lingual and linguistically sensitive teaching and the promotion of language awareness and plurilingual skills.

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Plurilingualism allows students to significally broaden their horizon.
Prof. Dr. Britta Hufeisen, expert for multilingualism and cooperating partner at the University of Darmstadt

Subject "Language Network"

In the subject “Language Netword”, valuable knowledge about language and cultures is gained through language comparison and language reflection. We are convinced that this promotes essential basic skills for university and the job world. In order to make the best possible use of the newly gained interconnected knowledge, our students create multilingual vocabulary books and compile important technical terms in a digital school-Wiki within the school. Thanks to the international cooperation with our partner schools (e.g. Singapore, Spain and Sweden), our students regularly have the opportunity to directly demonstrate their skills.

Bilingual teaching (CLIL)

formatio Private School maintains a long tradition of successfully combining language and content. By embedding the English language in the subject curriculum, communicative competences are promoted to such an extent that the language level of some students even exceeds the required Matura level (B2). The natural use of a foreign language at a high academic level opens the door to international university education.

Learning more languages will simply prepare you better for the world.
Prof. Hans-Jürgen Krumm, expert on multilingualism

Language Certificates

As part of our degree, we require the completion of two internationally recognized language certificates. These certificates, which are valid for an unlimited period of time, are internationally appreciated, especially by renowned universities and companies. Our students can choose between the language certificates for English (Cambridge), French (DELF) and Spanish (DELE). With individually designed certificate training courses, our teachers prepare language learners specifically for the respective formats.

Language sensitive teaching

We are aware of the connection between language, thought and knowledge. Therefore, linguistically sensitive work in all subjects is a central principle. In the Matura class, the subjects German and Mathematics work closely together within the framework of a fixed lesson per week, as the standardised and language-intensive Matura tasks require special preparation. The teachers optimally complement each other’s expertise in order to develop a variety of problem solving strategies together with the students.




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