Digitation & digital media

Living in a digital and digitized world does not only mean dealing with digital media, but also understanding and critically reflecting on them.

Our students are not only learning how to assess and classify information but also how the digital world works.

Discussion in the digital campus of the upper secondary school.
It's great that we also use our digital devices at school - the text that started in school can be continued at home without any problems.
upper secondary school student

Digital Tools

“Bring your own device!” is the motto of the upper secondary school of formatio private school. The students use their own laptops as working devices. We support digital individualisation, train the use of digital media and integrate them effectively and appropriately into our lessons.

Digital Learning Platforms

We use a Learning Management Software that gives students access to all learning materials and tasks anytime, anywhere. All work assignments can be edited or downloaded online. The digital classroom contains a constantly updated calendar, an individual to-do list and the possibility of assigning differentiated, individual and personalised tasks. The teachers are happy to provide differentiated feedback and individual recommendations for solutions to the tasks.

Our virtual classrooms take place on in an innovative, digital platform. The teacher assigns me my tasks there.
upper secondary school student
formatio Privatschule – Illustration digital-heart

Subject “Computer Science and Digitality”

In addition to the proficient handling of digital devices and media, experienced by our students as a teaching principle in all classes, in the subject “Computer Science and Digitality” our students learn to program software and to reflect on the possibilities and functions of the digital world.



formatio Privatschule – Illustration draw-together