Primary School

Our primary school is a place where your child can experience creativity, imagination, exploration, discovery, responsibility, independence and media competence.

Entering our primary school is possible throughout the whole school year. Between January and May there is a special admission procedure for the primary school (Assessment Day). Please read the information below to learn more about the admission process.

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Formatio Primary School is a place where children feel comfortable and confident to sing, act and speak in front of an audience, all the while receiving an excellent education. Socially, educationally and personally formatio Primary School truly knows each child and helps them grow and develop not only as a student but also as a person.
Maria Fasel, Deputy Head Primary School
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The Admission Process to Primary School has four steps:

  1. Parent Meeting
    The admission process begins with a meeting with the parents and the primary school principal. Parents are free to ask questions about the school and are given the opportunity to tour the entire school. It is important for parents to bring any important documents about their child (report cards, evaluations therapists, etc.). After this initial interview, parents will have the opportunity to register their child for an assessment day.
  2. Assessment Day
    Your child comes to formatio for one afternoon and to get to know the classroom teacher. During this timem the teacher will determine which grade level is appropriate for your child. The teacher will evaluate the learning levels in German, Mathematics and English.
  3. Visiting Day
    After a successful assessment day, your child will be invited for two visiting days. These comprise of two full school days (8.30 am to 3.30 pm) and will allow your child to get to know the everyday school life, their classmates and the PS teachers.
  4. Final Parent Meeting
    After the two visiting days, a final discussion takes place between the primary school principal, the teacher and the parents. During this meeting, parents will receive feedback from the visiting days and a final decision on admissions will be discussed.

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