Secondary School

Our pedagogical understanding is based on the common motto of the formatio private school “Strengthening strengths”. A good relationship with the learners is very important to us.

Admission to the secondary school is possible at any time, provided that there are free places and the legal requirements are met. All details of the admission procedure can be found below.

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At formatio secondary school we live and learn in a family atmosphere where everyone knows and appreciates each other. I will introduce you to our concept and guide you through the admission process. I would be happy to spend time with you in a personal conversation and answer your questions about the secondary school.
Julia Wagner, head of strategic communications
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The admission procedure consists of three steps:

  1. Parent Meeting
    The admission process begins with an initial personal meeting with the parents. Here we clarify your questions and you will get a more detailed insight into our school system. Please bring previous certificates with you to this initial interview.
  2. Visiting Day
    On at least one visiting day, your child gets to know the everyday life and learning routine at our secondary school. Competence checks are carried out in English, German, French and Mathematics.
  3. Reflection
    After the visiting day, we exchange our impressions and assessments. In this conversation we will reflect whether the concept of the formatio secondary school best meets the needs of your child and under which conditions an admission makes sense.

We look forward to hearing from you! Please contact us via our contact form!

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