plurilingual & international

At Primary School, we are regionally anchored and open internationally.

Appreciating languages and cultures is core in our everyday life. Next to German, English is a major part in our school’s everyday school life.

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Our team is multilingual and international

We focus on the teaching languages German and English, but are open to all languages of our students and teachers. Our team of teachers consists of international experts who have a perfect command of several languages and are happy to introduce language to our students in a playful way.

English is our everyday language

We have many years of experience in immersion teaching with English. This means that selected subjects are taught using different languages, in our case English and German together. This gives learners the opportunity to use both languages in everyday situations and not just to learn vocabulary or phrases without any context.

I am simply amazed at how quickly my daughter has picked up English expressions. She can switch effortlessly between German and English in everyday situations only after being at formatio Primary School for a few months.
Parent Feedback
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English Language Certificates

Our students are prepared for the voluntary completion of their first language certificates playfully and without any pressure. We celebrate with our students every year when they take their language certificates at the school’s own Cambridge test centre. Of course, we are proud of our students who repeatedly show their skills in the “Movers” and “Flyers” certificates and achieve brilliant results!

Englisch is a school subject

English plays an important role as an everyday language at Primary School. These everyday language skills are structured and deepened in English as a subject class. In this way, the language can be learned profoundly and on a solid linguistic basis.




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