virtual & digital

For the best learning experience, we use digital devices and “traditional” teaching methods in our classrooms. Thereby, we ensure to promote media literacy and the necessary skills for the digital world from different perspectives.

formatio Privatschule – Illustration tablet-clap

Pioneering digital education

Since 2012 we have been using iPads and digital media in our lessons. Through the continuous expansion and further training of our teaching staff, we have been able to offer a 1:1 iPad learning environment since 2014. This makes us a pioneer in Liechtenstein’s digital education.

Using devices sensibly

Be it in interdisciplinary project teaching or in the individual subjects such as mathematics, English or German. A sensible and effective use of digital media as a supplement to classical teaching has proven to be very effective.

Through our many years of experience, we know when and how iPads can be used effectively in class.
Maria Fasel, Deputy Head of Primary School
Finding out about vulcanos.




formatio Privatschule – Illustration draw-together