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In Primary School, we foster good academic performance by focusing on empowering learners in their abilities and skills.

Social-emotional learning is also of central importance. Our students learn and play together in mixed-age groups. This also promotes social skills in different situations.

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Social Learning is our focus

We promote social learning through activities like lively discussions in the classroom, the weekly Monday Assemblies, targeted relaxation techniques such as meditation and yoga or through role-playing with a focus on SEL (Social Emotional Learning). By targeting SEL, learners change into the perspective of others, practice empathy and can perceive the diversity of others in a positive way. It is very important for our students to strengthen their self-esteem and develop a realistic self-perception.

Empowering students

Through the positive attitude of the teachers towards our students, they can learn in a fearless environment and actively participate in determining how they learn. In small mixed-age groups, a teacher has more time to devote to each individual child. At the same time, learners can benefit from each other and learn together. They experience working as a team and solve conflicts. This contributes to the appreciative atmosphere of empowerment in which our students live a respectful and understanding interaction with each other.

Finding solutions together.
The small class size allows for individual attention. I also appreciate the cross-class teamwork, great projects, lunchtime supervision at school and the use of modern IT and English from day one. The all-day supervision makes my professional life easier. The best thing is that my son really likes going to school.
Parent Feedback

Project Afternoons

Each project afternoon of the week is dedicated to one focus: Design, STEM, Genius Hour, Nature and Sports. In the cross-curricular project teaching settings, the students can develop individually and achieve their personal goals. This unique environment encourages the development of each individual’s potential. The small class sizes ensure a high degree of individual attention and differentiation; the teachers mentor the students’ projects.

Character Growth Portfolios

During every learning process, our learners reflect their progress in a digital portfolio. They thereby become aware of their learning progress. At the same time, this encourages learners to reflect on their feelings, recognize their strengths and formulate their needs. This also helps learners to expand and consolidate their “growth mindset” (i.e. dynamic self-image). In a growth mindset, we see mistakes as an opportunity to try something new and to develop further.




formatio Privatschule – Illustration draw-together