collaborative & cooperative

As a small school, we offer a family environment where everyone knows and values each other well.

A wide range of learning opportunities allow us to experience students in a variety of contexts. Shared rituals and activities make up our daily school life. We emphasize cooperative learning in the form of table group work (four to five learners per table group).

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The week begins with a school assembly on Monday morning. Students from each class present their weekly schedules and activities in preparation for the school week. Each class receives an individual task from their class teacher on the character strength of the week. The week ends on Friday afternoon with a communal week-end meeting to reflect on the learning experiences of the week. Special achievements and outstanding strengths are honoured during the assemblies.

School Democracy: Student Participation

Our students do not only learn how to take responsibility for themselves and their environment, but also how to shape this responsibility in a self-effective way. That is why they actively participate in the class council and our student parliament.

Teamwork - we share our responsibilities.

Cooperative learning in table groups

In secondary school, we focus on cooperative learning in table groups. Our students work together in table groups of four to five students each. Through the guided cooperation, the learners develop a strong sense for the value of cooperation and teamwork, which prepares them for their professional future in the best possible way.

Traveling together and the experience of team spirit

Traveling together trains how to deal with each other and allows to experience the magic of a team. That is why our first class spends a few days at the beginning of the school year together with the class teacher on class camp days. This is a good way to train the team spirit, which helps to create a class team. In addition, our first and second secondary classes travel to Austria every year for a sports week full of movement and fun.




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