digital & connected

Living in a digital world means being able to understand and critically reflect on it.

It is therefore of utmost importance to learn how to classify information and knowledge in addition to handling digital media.

formatio Privatschule – Illustration tablet-paperplanes

Digital tools

As a pioneer in Liechtenstein in the field of digitalization and education, we have been an iPad school since 2012 and thus enable modern and up-to-date teaching. Thanks to our many years of experience, we know when and how digital tools must be used in class to promote learning in the best possible way.

Digital way of working

Our classrooms are optimally equipped for modern, contemporary lessons and enable us to work in the best possible way. Many teaching materials are made available to students via learning apps. This also has the advantage that the tasks can be assigned individually and differently, completed at each students’ own pace and then submitted.

We live and love digital work - but don't forget about the world that surrounds us.

Communication with parents

The close cooperation with parents and legal guardians enables the excellent promotion of individual strengths. Therefore, we place great value on appreciative communication and use digital tools for this purpose. Parents and guardians thus also take part in their kids’ learning process.

Cross-curricular projects

An essential part of connected learning takes place in our cross-curricular teaching classes. The teachers select one or more complex topics, which they work on with the students from their respective subject perspectives during the subject lessons. Subsequently, these different insights are brought together. This is how our students learn to view problems from different perspectives and explore different solution strategies.

Project days

On our project days, our students deal with socially relevant issues and develop respective current and up-to-date projects. They carry out research and work in cross-level teams.

I think it's great that experts take the time to work with us.
Eighth grade student

Being taught by masters: Masterclass

The fourth grade students take part in these project weeks alongside students from our Upper Secondary School. Twice every school year for a full week each, the regular classes for the students are cancelled. This does not mean, however, that the learning stops. On the contrary: the students choose one of the four interdisciplinary subject modules that they will study for one week. They are taught by real “masters”: the inputs and workshops during this week are designed and accompanied by experts from the science, business, art and culture world.

Experiencing sustainability: Ackerschule

As the first school in Liechtenstein, formatio private school is an agricultural school (Ackerschule). Our students order the school garden, the organic vegetables are harvested fresh and prepared in our cafeteria. The educational programme was developed by the GemüseAckerdemie, which we run exclusively in cooperation with the Ackerschaft association and the GemüseAckerdemie Schweiz, also teaches the students to handle resources in a respectful and sustainable manner.




formatio Privatschule – Illustration draw-together