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At Secondary School of formatio private school

Our pedagogical understanding is based on the common motto of the formatio private school “Strengthening strengths”. Therefore, we focus on the development of the personality and the promotion of talents. Strengths can be best fostered in our small classes of around 15 learners. All main subjects are also taught on two levels, the Realschule level and the high-school level.

Character development

We focus on personal education. This means that exploring one’s own personality, getting to know your personal strengths and developing individual talents play a central role in our pedagogical understanding. In the subject of character development, pupils are given the necessary space and our teachers offer expert guidance.

Differentiated, individual teaching

In our small classes with a maximum of 15 students, our teachers know exactly how to best promote the strengths of everyone. All main subjects are taught at two levels, the Realschule level and the Gymnasium level. In addition, we offer open study groups every morning for the main subjects, in which our teachers provide targeted and individual support.

Learning to learn

In our study hours, homework and individual preparations can be carried out. A teacher is available to give advice and tips on how to learn best.

The teachers never leave us hanging.
third-grade student

Wednesday is project day

During the midweek project every Wednesday, students are given the opportunity to experience and explore their talents. The range of the projects is as broad as the interests of our students. At the moment there are about 10 different projects ranging from “Art Lab”, “School of Rock” and “Science Lab” to “Multilingualism”.

Personal challenge

In the fourth grade of secondary school, our students pursue a personal challenge in which they pursue a project of their choice for a full semester. By doing so, they learn to carry out a project independently and responsibly and also experience their self-efficacy.

Guiding and mentoring our students in their choice of career is of particular importance to us. I am pleased to be able to accompany our learners as they concretize their career aspirations and get to know various companies.
Herwig Schreiber, deputy head of secondary school and expert for vocational training

Professional orientation and vocational guidance in the third grade

In the third grade, we explore the various apprenticeships and further education opportunities in the region. Participation in the local BerufsCHECK week is obligatory for the students. The pupils learn to prepare a complete and up-to-date application dossier and prepare for their first possible job interviews.

Professional orientation and vocational guidance in the fourth grade

In the fourth grade, the main focus is on individual career guidance. In weekly one-on-one coachings, the young people are specifically prepared for job interviews which are also practiced in role play. The application documents are updated regularly.




formatio Privatschule – Illustration draw-together