plurilingual & language sensitive

We are a multilingual school.

However, this is not just about simply learning more languages, but rather the focus on bilingual and language-sensitive teaching (in the subjects of mathematics, physics, geography and history) as well as promoting plurilingual skills. In addition, we promote networked thinking through multilingual vocabulary development by topic.

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Learning is encouraged through personal relationships.

Our plurilingual teaching principle

In the Primary School English is taught immersively. In Secondary School, French complements the range of languages we offer as part of our program. We also promote cross-language learning and therefore connected thinking. Through the multilingual development of vocabulary according to subject areas, the pupils do not only learn to link languages, but also contribute valuable knowledge from their family languages.

The fact that we have so many lessons in English really makes a difference to our lives and I am sure it will help me later on.
a second-grade pupil

Bilingual teaching (CLIL)

Receptive and productive knowledge of foreign languages is promoted and deepened not only during the language classes, but also in our bilingual subjects, which are designed according to the CLIL method (“Content and Language Integrated Learning”). Currently, the subjects mathematics, physics, geography and history are taught in English.

When students experience learning problems due to a lack of language skills, these not only affect their performance in the language classroom, but also their success in other subjects.
Dr. Carla Carnevale, expert for language sensitive teaching at the Austrian Language Competence Center ÖSZ

Language sensitive teaching

We are aware of the connection between academic achievement and linguistic processing. Our teachers are therefore trained to analyse tricky tasks in a language-sensitive way and to work through them using specific methods. Thereby, students also learn that conscious use of language is essential. Reflecting on language, simplifying linguistic elements or working with scaffolds (e.g. learning aids, word explanations) have thus become an integral part of our subject lessons.

Language Certificates

Cambridge English is a subject which enables our students to be optimally prepared for the internationally highly recognized Cambridge Certificate. Since we are an official and certified preparation centre, the exam for the language certificate can be taken at formatio private school.

Gaining international experience

We are a regionally based school that prepares students for an international, global world. It is of great importance to us that our students experience interregional exchange. In addition to ERAMUS+-projects carried out with our partner schools from Sweden, Spain and Germany, we offer language courses in which we travel to England or France for third and fourth grade students.




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