Spring Workshop at Liechtenstein Languages

23. März 2024

Christina Reinero, Team Mitglied von Liechtenstein Languages und Workshop “Spring” Leitende über den Besuch der Primarschülerinnen und Primarschüler während des zweiten Thementages vor den Osterferien:

“The weather on Friday, March 23, 2024 was sunny and cheerful just like the formatio students who arrived at Liechtenstein Languages for the Spring English Programme.   After each child was greeted warmly and given a new name, complete with name tag, we formed a circle and got straight into a jumping game using the words, apple, orange and banana. When we heard “apple”, we jumped one step forward.  When we heard “orange”, we jumped one step back.  When we heard “banana” we jumped a 180 degree turn.  The next game involved learning new words about spring time as well as a whole bunch of running, cheering and laughter.  At the end of that everybody knew what a leprechaun is.  We then split up into four groups: art, theatre, story and dance.  Each activity lasted 20 minutes before it was time to move on to the next one.  Somewhere in between, there was a break and before you knew it the morning was over.  Cheerful goodbyes and then the whole gang was off again.  The time went much too quickly.”



formatio Privatschule – Illustration draw-together