Besuch aus der Slowakei

24. April 2023

Im Rahmen eines Job-Shadowings hatten wir vom 24. – 26. April 2023 Besuch von drei sehr netten Damen  aus der Slowakei. Gerne teilen wir ihre Eindrücke.

Dear school Formatio,

We are grateful for the opportunity to stay at your school from 24th of April to 26th of April 2023. There was the chance to visit you extraordinary school. It has been not only inspiring, but also charming and we have collected a lot of unique experiences. We admire the key concept that you have „LOVE TO LEARN“. We have realized how much you work on improving the soft skills of your students. We loved the community spirit – the relationship of students and teachers. We had the chance to participate in the education process in all levels of educating and a variety of lessons. What was the most attractive for us was the lesson of English language which was very dynamic, moreover, team teaching during the lessons of geography and history and science was completely new way for us. We were inspired by the theory of 24 characteristics and its use through projects and on a daily basis at school. We really appreciate a lot that your teachers were caring and specially Julia Wagner.

Kind regards,

Dominika, Andrea, Adriana


Also a big „Thank you“ to you three! We had a few great days together!



formatio Privatschule – Illustration draw-together