European Day of Languages: A Recap

26. September 2023

Our Juniors-class experienced a special language immersion, as they learned different greetings from all around the world and also listened to nursery rhymes in various languages; some of which they had never heard before! After listening to numerous greetings, it was the students’ turn to greet their parents and teachers in a fancy Seesaw-Post using the languages they had previously learned.
What a funny thing to do!

Language Detectives
Our Seniors, on the other hand, turned into real language detectives and chose a language of their choice to explore its intricate details further. They found out where the language is spoken, learned new words and their English translations, discovered animal names, learned the numbers from 0 to 10 and basic greetings and phrases such as “hello”, “thank you”, and “goodbye”.

La Luna – Exploring word-friends
Finally, we read together “La Luna”, a charming story in Italian about the moon. The seniors were also encouraged to find “word-friends”, to better understand the story’s content. Word-friends are related words, such as cognates, that help the students acquire new vocabulary easily! They marked all word-friends they could find in the text and wrote the sentences in their English book. An example of word-friends we used is “simile – similar”.

The European Day of Languages was a great success and a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the beauty and diversity of languages. We are already looking forward to next year!



formatio Privatschule – Illustration draw-together