Foggy Slopestyle

27. Januar 2023

Friday, it’s the 27th of January – a rather unpredictable weather forecast for our annual skiing day. However, everyone was waiting excitedly at 8.45 a.m. – all ages from 6 to 46 were present and ready to hit the slopes at our home ski resort, Malbun. Regardless of skies or snowboard, everyone was skiing between Hochegg, Täli and Sareis until we had lunch at Schluchertreff and Malbipark. After lunch the weather angels were not on our sides and there was hardly any vision. The OG students had to do their Campus tasks in the afternoon, which was artistic skiing in groups of three. 2 p.m. called for “Hennenstall” where everyone joined the radiators and hot chocolates. Only the tough first graders from Secondary School did not give up until the end and stayed on the almost invisible piste with Ms. Schmuck before we headed back to Triesen on our ski buses provided by liemobil. We had a fun time!



formatio Privatschule – Illustration draw-together