English Assistant Teachership

28. Juni 2022

Our teachership at formatio Privatschule was fascinating and we are thankful for the great time with the teachers and the students! 
Michèle Tinner and Laurin Mäser, students PHSG

We – Michèle Tinner and Laurin Mäser – are two students of the „Pädagogische Hochschule St. Gallen“. The fourth semester of our studies includes an English Assistant Teachership (Fremdsprachassistenzpraktikum) in a primary school of our choice. Since we discovered that formatio private school is a bilingual school, we were grateful to get the chance to complete our teacher training there.

The primary focus of the internship was a full immersion in the English language, and we felt lucky to be surrounded by such a competent multilingual team. We had a lot of fun speaking English exclusively during the whole time of the teacher training (both with the students and the teachers, of course!).

It was a great experience to attend the school and to get a detailed look at its daily routines. We got interesting impressions of the school system and how the daily school life looks like. Not only did we get some advice and explanations for the lessons, but also wholehearted support from the teachers themselves. It was also a pleasure to teach the children different topics like Sports, Math, Art and Music. Furthermore, we were able to try out some new methods and ideas, and we are thankful that the kids met us with their kindness and openness. Over the course of our teacher training, the students were eager to learn and they brought loads of motivation to each lesson we were involved in.




formatio Privatschule – Illustration draw-together